Molicel P42A 21700 Battery


Molicel are a dedicated battery company creating impressive cells designed for vaping. Molicel have manufactured the P42A 21700; a powerful, reliable and high capacity flat-top 21700 battery for a variety of long-lasting vaping setups.
The Molicel P42A 21700 has an incredibly large nominal capacity of 4200mAh, ensuring you can vape safer for longer. This battery can be both high-drain and high-capacity making it the holy grail of batteries.

Manufacturer: E-One Moli Energy Corporation
Model: INR21700 P42
Size: 21700
Capacity: 4200mAh
Maximum Discharge: 30A
Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
Maximum Voltage: 4.2V
Top: Flat-Top
Protection: None

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