Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Information

Do you offer a free shipping service?

Yes, we offer a free UK delivery service on orders over £35, you can still select other delivery options at the checkout stage but these will be charged at the standard rate.

What delivery options do you offer?

We offer 2 delivery options (1st Class / 2nd Class – Free on orders over £35), see shipping options when completing your order for the one that suits you best, orders must be placed by 1pm.

Can I Track My Order?

Yes, we use Royal Mail tracking for all our orders, once it’s been posted you will receive an email with the tracking link.

My Delivery has not been received?

Please ensure that your delivery address details provided are correct. If your order has not arrived within 7 working days following dispatch please contact us quoting your order number in all correspondence.

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

Returns Policy

If you have any issues with your delivery we want to resolve them as soon as possible, please contact us and we will discuss further your options. All electronic cigarette components have a limited life span and will eventually need to be replaced.

All products bar eLiquids can be returned to us within 14 days of purchase providing the item is still in original and unused condition, there will be a 20% charge of the purchase price for administration and re-stocking time. Atomizers and Cartomizers have a dead on arrival warranty, please let us know with in 24 hours of receipt if you item is damaged or faulty and we will replace it or refund where possible.

eLiquids cannot be returned under any circumstances, if we have sent out the wrong order we will send out a replacement immediately once we receive confirmation that the wrong item has been returned . All batteries have a 14 day warranty that covers electrical faults, please note E-Cigs batteries can be fragile and we will not cover physical damage or wear and tear. If the battery is DOA or faulty within 14 days email us and we will send out a replacement.

Any advanced Kit with a 28 day warranty will cover the main body only and not chargers and batteries, the warranty for these devices will not cover physical damage or wear and tear. All chargers and batteries will have a 28 day warranty.

All products are thoroughly checked and tested before they are dispatched to our customers. However, we also know there is a small chance that a product could arrive dead or faulty, if this is the case please inform us immediately to arrange an exchange.

Returns are to be paid by the customer. We do not cover any postage or courier for returns. If you have any questions please contact us . If you wish to return an item, please email us providing the reason why.

Starting Out

Starter Kits

If you are giving up smoking and new to vaping Starter Kits will be the best way for you to begin your journey, these kits are complete and only require you to add ejuice, if you need any advice then please feel free to contact us where we will be happy to help.


If you’re just starting out vaping may seem complicated and mysterious, but the composition of eliquid is deceptively simple, there are 4 basic ingredients:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Flavourings
  • Nicotine (if required)

Vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol are simply additives from the food industry used, for example, to sweeten or preserve food.  Flavourings are blended to create our differing range of flavours.  And nicotine needs no introduction, other than to say it is the only toxic part of eliquid.

When you see an eliquid listed as 70% VG, this means that 70% of the blend is VG, while the remaining 30% is PG, flavourings and nicotine (for those blends that contain nicotine). Flavourings make up around 10% of the eliquid.


In vaping lingo the phrase mod is associated with the vaping device, the phrase mod was used at an early stage when people would modify there devices to their own custom tastes, with so many shapes and sizes of mods now available you can truly be unique in your own style and preference, check out our mods here and pick the one that represents you best, the white crocodile skin is one of our favorites!


For the ultimate vaping experience it’s vital you select a clearomiser or a tank that best suits your requirements, remember this is where the vapour is produced.

Specifically designed to enhance and simplify your vaping experience, our selection of Clearomisers & Tanks provide a great starting point, we also stock  Sub-Ohm Tanks to allow for different type of vaping approach where you can adjust to higher wattages/voltages, and  for the more advanced users out there we have a range of RDAs so you can build your own unique experience.


We stock a selection of e-cig batteries with variable voltage and wattage which means you can easily find and choose the “Sweet Spot” for your favourite e-Liquid, our range of rechargeable e-cig batteries are extremely cost effective and perfect for those of you on the go, you’ll be able to quickly swap your rechargeable batteries when they run out of power and recharge them when you return home.

Wick & Wire

For the more advanced users, wick and wire is your way of building your own custom experience, if you’re into piecing together your own rebuildable atomizer, then you will need to get your hands on some wick. Different thicknesses of the wick wire can impact the different amounts of resistance – so it’s essential you understand what you are doing and looking for.

Unsure How Nic Shots Work? - See Illustartion Below For Details

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